ARVIKA - Augmented Reality in Entwicklung, Produktion und Service: Anbindung eines mobilen Augmented Reality Systems an eine stationäre Infrastruktur. Schlussbericht

Report German OPEN
Wichert, R. ; Balfanz, D. (2003)
  • Subject: man-machine interaction | augmented reality | context management | collaboration

ARVIKA uses augmented reality (AR) technologies to research and create a user-oriented and system-driven support of operation procedures. It focuses on the development, production, and service of complex technical products and systems. Augmented-reality technologies improve working environments by merging real objects with computer-generated virtual objects to allow for detailed engineering and processing instructions. Augmented reality is a novel approach to the interaction between human and machine. You can, for example, view information using a head-mounted display. The information is displayed context-sensitive, which means that it depends on the observed objects, such as a part of an assembly. The engineer can now display job-related assembly data, while viewing the real object. In this way the view of the worker, technician or engineer is augmented with additional information that is important in the specific situation. Mobile, wireless access is an important step to higher acceptance of AR applications by users, because it integrates AR naturally into normal workflows. The project ideas are realized in various application areas of German industry, such as automobile manufacture and aircraft construction, mechanical engineering and system development. The Computer Graphics Center - ZGDV contributed within ARVIKA the wireless integration of the mobile Augmented Reality application. Core topics have been the connection between the mobile application and the stationary backend and the localization of the mobile user. ZGDV researched technological groundwork for wireless connection of mobile AR and developed SW middleware components in consideration of the specific demands within this area that provide mobile access to distributed information within the ARVIKA system. The designed, specified and implemented basic components include the ContextManager, Localization and Collaborative AR component.
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