Temperaturmessanordnung fuer den Einsatz in chemisch aggressiven Medien und bei Temperaturen von groesser 1000 Grad C

Patent German OPEN
Molchanov, A. ; Hilburger, U. ; Friedrich, J. (2002)

DE 10106476 C UPAB: 20021113 NOVELTY - A temperature measuring arrangement comprises a temperature sensor (1) in an electrically insulating material; and a protective coating (5) made from glassy carbon covering the sensor. An intermediate layer of oxygen-free material is provided between the protective coating and the sensor. DETAILED DESCRIPTION - Preferred Features: The electrically insulating material is made from aluminum oxide or quartz glass and is in the form of a capillary (2) in which electrical lines (7) for the sensor run. The electrical lines are isolated from each other. The intermediate layer is made from boron nitride. The sensor is a thermocouple. USE - Used in the production of single crystals and in the manufacture of metal alloys. ADVANTAGE - The arrangement has long term stability.
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