A non-invasive cyberrisk in cooperative driving

Conference object English OPEN
Bapp, F.; Becker, J.; Beyerer, Jürgen; Doll, J.; Filsinger, Max; Frese, Christian; Hubschneider, C.; Lauber, A.; Müller-Quade, J.; Pauli, M.; Roschani, Masoud; Salscheider, O.; Rosenhahn, B.; Ruf, Miriam; Stiller, C.; Willersinn, Dieter; Ziehn, J.;

This paper presents a hacking risk arising in fully automated cooperative driving. As opposed to common cyber risk scenarios, this scenario does not require internal access to an automated car at all, and is therefore largely independent of current on-board malware prot... View more
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