Low temperature plasma carburizing of AISI 316L austenitic stainless steel and AISI F51 duplex stainless steel

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Pinedo, Carlos Eduardo; Tschiptschin, André Paulo;
  • Publisher: Escola de Minas
  • Subject: Plasma carburizing | austenitic stainless steel | duplex stainless steel | expanded austenite | expanded ferrite | Cementação a plasma | aço inoxidável austenítico | aço inoxidável duplex | austenita expandida | ferrita expandida

In this work an austenitic AISI 316L and a duplex AISI F51 (EN 1.4462) stainless steel were DC-Plasma carburized at 480ºC, using CH4 as carbon carrier gas. For the austenitic AISI 316L stainless steel, low temperature plasma carburizing induced a strong carbon supersatu... View more
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