Efeitos do início da digestão anaeróbica da camada de esterco de aves à pressão sub-atmosférica

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Ngumah, Chima C.; Ogbulie, Jude N.; Orji, Justina C.; Amadi, Ekperechi S.;
  • Publisher: Instituto de Pesquisas Ambientais em Bacias Hidrográficas
  • Subject: alternative energy | gestão de resíduos | biofuel | os biocombustíveis | waste management | energia alternativa

This study investigated the effects of initiating anaerobic digestion (AD) of dry layer-hen poultry dung at the sub-atmospheric pressure of -30 cmHg on biodegradation, biogasification, and biomethanation. The setup was performed as a batch process at an average ambient ... View more
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