Desarrollo morfológico de Corydoras aff. paleatus (Siluriformes, Callichthyidae) y su correlación con la emergencia de sus comportamientos motores y sociales

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Rodríguez-Ithurralde, Daniel; del Puerto, Gabriela; Fernández-Bornia, Fernando;
  • Publisher: Fundação Zoobotânica do Rio Grande do Sul
  • Subject: developmental neuroethology | larva | embryo | Bagre | larvae | teleost | embrión | neuroetología del desarrollo | teleósteo | Catfish

Here we examine major anatomical characteristics of Corydoras aff. paleatus (Jenyns, 1842) post-hatching development, in parallel with its neurobehavioral evolution. Eleutheroembryonic phase, 4.3-8.8 days post-fertilization (dpf); 4.3-6.4 mm standard length (SL) encompa... View more
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