O estresse oxidativo do cristalino em modelo de rata na menopausa

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Acer, Semra; Pekel, Gökhan; Küçükatay, Vural; Karabulut, Aysun; Yağcı, Ramazan; Çetin, Ebru Nevin; Akyer, Şahika Pınar; Şahin, Barbaros;
  • Publisher: Conselho Brasileiro de Oftalmologia
  • Subject: Menopausa | Lens, crystalline | Menopause | Cataract | Cristalino | Catarata | Estress oxidativo | Oxidative stress

ABSTRACT Purpose: To evaluate lenticular oxidative stress in rat menopausal models. Methods: Forty Wistar female albino rats were included in this study. A total of thirty rats underwent oophorectomy to generate a menopausal model. Ten rats that did not undergo oophor... View more
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