Chromatic, geometric and space charge effects on laser accelerated protons focused by a solenoid

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Al-Omari, Husam ; Hofmann, Ingo ; Ratzinger, Ulrich (2011)
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    • ddc: ddc:530

We stud­ied nu­mer­i­cal­ly emit­tance and trans­mis­sion ef­fects by chro­mat­ic and ge­o­met­ric aber­ra­tions, with and with­out space charge, for a pro­ton beam be­hind a solenoid in the laser pro­ton ex­per­i­ment LIGHT at GSI. The TraceWin code was em­ployed using a field map for the solenoid and an ini­tial dis­tri­bu­tion with ex­po­nen­tial en­er­gy de­pen­dence close to the ex­per­i­ment. The re­sults show a strong ef­fect of chro­mat­ic, and a rel­a­tive­ly weak one of ge­o­met­ric aber­ra­tions as well as de­pen­dence of pro­ton trans­mis­sion on dis­tance from the solenoid. The chro­mat­ic ef­fect has an en­er­gy fil­ter­ing prop­er­ty due to the fi­nite ra­dius beam pipe. Fur­ther­more, a rel­a­tive­ly mod­est de­pen­dence of trans­mis­sion on space charge is found for p pro­duc­tion in­ten­si­ty below 1011.
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