Insights into the Effect of Geometrical Parameters in the Mechanical Properties of the Radular Teeth of the Cryptochiton Stelleri – A 3D print Approach

Other literature type OPEN
Jeong, Chan; Escobar, Enrique; Zavattieri, Pablo, Dr.;
  • Publisher: Purdue University
  • Subject: Cryptochiton Stelleri | radular teeth | nanoindentation | 3D printer | aspect ratio | Civil Engineering | Materials Science and Engineering | Other Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Cryptochiton Stelleri is known to have ultra-hard radular teeth that have one of the largest hardness (9-12GPa) and stiffness (90-125GPa) among other biological materials such as Enamel and Abalone shell. The ultrastructure of the teeth is formed by a bundle of high... View more
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