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Public gaming: eSport and event marketing in the experience economy

Borowy, Michael;
Open Access
  • Published: 06 Jul 2012
  • Country: Canada
This thesis situates organized competitive digital gaming (eSport) in the context of historical sport, the rise of the computer and video games industry, event marketing, and the experience economy. It argues that the oftentimes misattributed origins of eSport in truth first took place during the early 1980s in arcades, when the various criteria for sport, including public contest, a structured framework for victory and defeat, mediatization and promotion, professionalization, record-keeping, and an engaged audience were already in place. It then goes on to discuss the various manifestations and changing nature of eSport as a commercial media product in the inte...
ACM Computing Classification System: ComputingMilieux_PERSONALCOMPUTING
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