publication . Bachelor thesis . 2008

The x-word and its usage : Taboo words and swearwords in general, and x-words in newspapers

Lindahl, Katarina;
Open Access English
  • Published: 01 Jan 2008
  • Publisher: Karlstads universitet, Estetisk-filosofiska fakulteten
  • Country: Sweden
All languages have words that are considered taboo – words that are not supposed to be said or used. Taboo words, or swearwords, can be used in many different ways and they can have different meanings depending on what context they appear in. Another aspect of taboo words is the euphemisms that are used in order to avoid obscene speech. This paper will focus on x-words, words like the f-word or the c-word, which replace the words fuck or cunt, but as the study will show they also have other meanings and usages. The purpose of this paper is also to investigate the significance of taboo words and their usage in English, as well as research on how they are used, or...
free text keywords: Taboo, swearing, cursing, the f-word, the x-word, the c-word, the n-word, offensive language, media, newspapers, Specific Languages, Studier av enskilda språk
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