publication . Master thesis . 2010

An Empirical Analysis of Family Cost of Children : A Comparison of Ordinary Least Square Regression and Quantile Regression

Li, Yang;
Open Access English
  • Published: 01 Jan 2010
  • Publisher: Uppsala universitet, Statistiska institutionen
  • Country: Norway
Quantile regression have its advantage properties comparing to the OLS model regression which are full measurement of the effects of a covariate on response, robustness and Equivariance property. In this paper, I use a survey data in Belgium and apply a linear model to see the advantage properites of quantile regression. And I use a quantile regression model with the raw data to analyze the different cost of family on different numbers of children and apply a Wald test. The result shows that for most of the family types and living standard, from the lower quantile to the upper quantile the family cost on children increases along with the increasing number of chi...
free text keywords: Quantile regression, OLS regression, Full measurement, Robustness, Equaivariance property, Wald test, family cost on children, tailer behivior

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