The effects of antiretroviral therapy on HIV-positive individuals in Wakiso District, Uganda

Bachelor thesis English OPEN
Yang, Tina Yang (2015)
  • Publisher: Uppsala universitet, Internationell mödra- och barnhälsovård (IMCH)
  • Subject: Antiretroviral therapy | HIV | Wakiso District Uganda | AIDS | experiences on ART

AIM The aim was to explore the experiences of HIV-positive individuals before and after gaining access to antiretroviral therapy in Wakiso District, Uganda and how antiretroviral therapy impacts certain aspects of those living with HIV, such as sexual behavior, support systems, faith and personal identity. METHODS Based on secondary data analysis of “Life On Antiretroviral Therapy: People’s Adaptive Coping And Adjustment To Living With HIV As A Chronic Condition In Wakiso District, Uganda” by Steven Russell (2015). The data was reanalysed using the conceptual framework from Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems model. RESULTS Six main themes will be presented including personal life after HIV diagnosis, acceptance of HIV status, disclosure of identity, changes in sexual behavior, different types of support systems, and increasing faith and strength from God. After receiving antiretroviral therapy, the quality of life seemed to improve for some of the participants. Participants described their experiences living with HIV/AIDS, such changes in personal goals and perception of self, immediate acceptance of positive HIV results, disclosure of identity to certain people, the different types of support offered from each support system they have, abstaining from sex and the use of contraceptives against future transmission. Furthermore, participants have also described an increase of faith and belief in God in order to cope with HIV/AIDS. CONCLUSION People living with HIV in Wakiso District, Uganda have described significant changes in their lives after receiving antiretroviral therapy. These changes affect them both physically and emotionally therefore more research must be done to investigate the influence of antiretroviral therapy on wellbeing. 
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