BlobFinder, a tool for fluorescence microscopy image cytometry

Article English OPEN
Allalou, Amin ; Wählby, Carolina (2009)
  • Publisher: Uppsala universitet, Datoriserad bildanalys
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1016/j.cmpb.2008.08.006
  • Subject: Computer Vision and Robotics (Autonomous Systems) | Datorseende och robotik (autonoma system) | Software | Single cell analysis | FISH | Image cytometry

Images can be acquired at high rates with modern fluorescence microscopy hardware, giving rise to a demand for high-speed analysis of image data. Digital image cytometry, i.e., automated measurements and extraction of quantitative data from images of cells, provides valuable information for many types of biomedical analysis. There exists a number of different image analysis software packages that can be programmed to perform a wide array of useful measurements. However, the multi-application capability often compromises the simplicity of the tool. Also, the gain in speed of analysis is often compromised by time spent learning complicated software. We provide a free software called BlobFinder that is intended for a limited type of application, making it easy to use, easy to learn and optimized for its particular task. BlobFinder can perform batch processing of image data and quantify as well as localize cells and point like source signals in fluorescence microscopy images, e.g., from FISH, in situ PLA and padlock probing, in a fast and easy way.
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