Investigation of Public Charging Infrastructure : Case study Gränby sportfält

Bachelor thesis English OPEN
Dahl, Emma ; Hedström, Andreas ; Lindgren, Anna (2017)
  • Publisher: Uppsala universitet, Institutionen för teknikvetenskaper
  • Subject: charging infrastructure | electric vehicle | Engineering and Technology | Teknik och teknologier

The municipal company Sportfastigheter AB is currently renovating and developing Gränby sportfält, a sports field in Uppsala. Adjacent to the sports field, a parking lot for 700 vehicles is located, where Sportfastigheter AB is preparing to install charging points for electric vehicles (EVs) at some of the places. This bachelor thesis aims to investigate how a public charging solution should be modeled, with the parking lot at Gränby sportfält as a case study. The investigation involves estimating energy demand of visiting EVs, optimizing the ability to satisfy the estimated energy demand, and proposals of business models. A computer-based simulation of a representative week at Gränby sportfält was created as a decision basis for modeling the charging solution and what power capacity to dimension for. The results of this investigation indicates that the most suitable charging solution for Gränby sportfält is a solution with semi-fast chargers and load balancing, which is a type of controlled charging. With load balancing, a lower power capacity can be dimensioned for compared with the same solution without load balancing with savings in costs as a consequence. When investigating for 50 charging points the power capacity proposed to dimension for is 200 kW, which would lead to the possibility of meeting 98.7 % of the total energy demand of connected EVs. However, this study proposes to build the charging points gradually, with an initial installation of 12 charging points. Lastly, this study proposes to use a business model involving sponsoring, and offer the charging for free.  
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