A Systems Thinking Model for Open Source Software Development in Social Media

Conference object English OPEN
Mustaquim, Moyen (2010)
  • Publisher: New York : ACM
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1145/1835980.1835987
  • Subject: Social media modeling | social networking | systems thinking | opens source development | Computer and Information Sciences | Data- och informationsvetenskap

In this paper a social media model, based on systems thinking methodology is proposed to understand the behavior of the open source software development community working in social media.The proposed model is focused on relational influences of two different systems- social media and the open source community. This model can be useful for taking decisions which are complicated and where solutions are not apparent.Based on the proposed model, an efficient way of working in open source development community within social media can be found, while social media and open source development- these two systems can be analyzed analogously for further improvement.
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