Smart street lighting : The advantages of LED street lighting and a smart control system in Uppsala municipality

Bachelor thesis English OPEN
Sjöberg, Inga; Gidén Hember, Amanda; Wallerström, Carolina;
  • Publisher: Uppsala universitet, Institutionen för teknikvetenskaper
  • Subject: Street lights | lights | LED | armature | LED armature | smart control system | control system | Philips | CityTouch | Sala kommun | Uppsala kommun | Sala-Heby Energi | energy savings | street light system | CO2 | carbon dioxide savings | gatubelysning | gatubelysningssystem | armatur | LED armatur | smart styrsystem | styrsystem | energibesparing | koldioxidutsläpp | Infrastructure Engineering | Infrastrukturteknik

The purpose of this bachelor thesis is to examine how LED street lights and a smart street light control system can reduce the energy consumption, costs and in extension the CO2 equivalents in a geographically delimited area. In 2015 the municipality of Sala installed L... View more
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