Cytosolic protein quality control of the orphan protein Fas2, a novel physiological substrate of the E3 ligase Ubr1

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Scazzari, Mario;
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.18419/opus-1393
  • Subject: Proteolyse , Ubiquitin-Protein-Ligase , Proteasom , Cytoplasma , Saccharomyces cerevisiae | 570 | Orphan Fas2 , Ubr1 , Ssa1 , Cdc48 , nicht-assemblierte Proteinuntereinheit | Orphan Fas2 , Ubr1 , Ssa1 , Cdc48 , unassembled protein subunit

Cellular protein quality control (PQC) monitors the proper folding of polypeptides, assembly of protein subunits into protein complexes as well as the delivery of terminally misfolded proteins to degradation. The components of PQC known best at the moment are molecular ... View more
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