Evaluation of the efficacy of ChAd63-MVA vectored vaccines expressing CS & ME-TRAP against controlled human malaria infection in malaria naïve individuals

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Hodgson, S.H.; Ewer, K.J.; Bliss, C.M.; Edwards, N.J.; Rampling, T.; Anagnostou, N.A.; de Barra, E.; Havelock, T.; Bowyer, G.; Poulton, I.D.; de Cassan, S.; Illingworth, J.J.; Douglas, A.D.; Mange, P.B.; Collins, K.A.; Roberts, R.; Gerry, S.; Berrie, E.; Moyle, S.; Colloca, S.; Cortese, R.; Sinden, R.E.; Gilbert, S.C.; Bejon, P.; Lawrie, A.M.; Nicosia, A.; Faust, S.N .; Hill, A.V.;

Background.?Circumsporozoite protein (CS) is the antigenic target for RTS,S, the most advanced malaria vaccine to date. Heterologous prime-boost with the viral vectors ChAd63-MVA is the most potent inducer of T-cells in humans, demonstrating significant efficacy when ex... View more
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