Using prototyping in software development

Doctoral thesis OPEN
Šinkovec, Miha (2010)
  • Subject: Computer and Information Science

Today the business system changers faster than the usual conventional cascade life cycle. Because of that, we can conclude, that today's programming system will no longer be presented as the answer to this topic in the developing age of ever changing user requirements. Neither increased performance or higher productivity will decrease the problem. The appropriate solution to this stated problem is prototyping. Instead of building and developing the whole system, we build a module that can be easily adjusted throughout the process of programming to the user's requirements. Such modules, or so called prototypes, can be presented to users during the programming process. The users can evaluate, and in the case of insufficiency, the module can be quickly and easily modified or abandoned. This process is unrelated to the big expenses, as it would be in the process of a presently conventional system. Requirements are dynamic, quick, and price rational. In the first part of my thesis I review the history and evolution of classical and modern agile methodology. I illustrate in detail the advantages and disadvantages that have shown up in the past. Through the eyes of the project leader, I try to present their advantages, struggles, and the tools they used in the process of development utilizing the help of prototyping. I also present the example of development of web application that uses this process of prototyping.
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