Influence of visualization on consumption during on-line shopping

Doctoral thesis OPEN
Hictaler, Urška (2013)
  • Subject: Computer and Information Science

This diploma work studies the influence of visualization on consumption during on-line shopping. The first part of the thesis starts with key areas of visualization, consumption and on-line shopping. Visualization, areas of use, human perception and ways of product presentation in on-line shops are defined discussed first. Next, consumption, consumers and factors that influence their decisions and satisfaction are defined. The last topic in the first part of the thesis discusses on-line shopping, on-line shops as well as advantages and disadvantages of on-line shopping. Guidelines for creation of a website and it's optimization are also given. The second, empirical part of the thesis consists of a survey in which a random sample of people participated to find out how many people use on-line shopping, their behavior and their opinion of websites.
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