Migration Between NoSQL Databases

Doctoral thesis OPEN
Opačak, Damir (2013)
  • Subject: Computer and Information Science

The thesis discusses the differences and, consequently, potential problems that may arise when migrating between different types of NoSQL databases. The first chapters introduce the reader to the issues of relational databases and present the beginnings of NoSQL databases. The following chapters present different types of NoSQL databases and some of their representatives with the aim to show specific features of NoSQL databases and the fact that each of them was developed to solve specific types of problems. Subsequently, these databases have different data models and different ways of querying data. The chapter also includes potential reasons for migration between NoSQL databases and solutions to ease those migrations. The core of the thesis consists of a simulation of development of a real-life, present-day application, using NoSQL database. Migrations to other NoSQL databases are also implemented and described. It also includes advice on saving potential difficulties with migrations between NoSQL databases. The final chapter concludes that the many differences between NoSQL databases exist for a reason, which means that choosing the appropriate databases in the very beginning of a project is crucial, yet by using appropriate code abstractions the difficulties can somewhat be mitigated.
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