Design and production of a short 2D animated film

Doctoral thesis OPEN
Prusnik, Petra (2014)
  • Subject: Computer and Information Science

Design and production of a short 2D animated film The thesis aims at analysing animation, the process of creating an ani- mated film with its technical and compositional details as well as show the process of making a short 2D animated movie with Toon Boom Studio. It is composed of theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part of this thesis consists of the definition of the term "animation", a quick overview of its history and evolution, and an in-depth look into various animation tech- niques and types of animated film. Further, we have distinguished between the industrial/commercial animation and independent animation, examined the phases in the process of animation and the computer programmes for 2D animation. In the practical part of the thesis, we made a short 2D film with Toon Boom Studio and presented the instructions for using Toon Boom Studio with the help of visual aids. Each step of the process of creating an animated film is further explored.
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