Integration of event streaming and microservices with Apache Kafka

Doctoral thesis OPEN
Kljun, Matija (2017)
  • Subject: Computer and Information Science

Over the last decade, the microservice architecture has become a standard for big and successful internet companies, like Netflix, Amazon and LinkedIn. The importance of stream processing, aggregation and exchange of data is growing, as it allows companies to compete better and move faster. In this diploma, we have analyzed the interactions between microservices, described the streaming platform and ordinary message queues. We have described the Apache Kafka platform and how it works. We have developed the KumuluzEE Event Streaming extension for the Java platform that allow easy integration of event streaming and microservices. With the use of the extension, you can easily implement the Kafka platform in our microservice system. Our extension provides easy to use annotations for producing, consuming messages and stream processing. As a proof of concept, we have developed a sample bookstore application. It has been designed in the event driven microservice architecture with the use of event sourcing and CQRS patterns.
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