Narcissism and the strategic pursuit of short-term mating : universal links across 11 world regions of the International Sexuality Description Project-2.

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Schmitt, David; Alcalay, Lidia; Allik, Jüri; Alves, I.C.B.; Anderson, Craig; Angelini, A.L.; Asendorpf, Jens; Austers, Ivars; Balaguer, Isabel; Baptista, Américo; Bender, Sóley; Bennett, Kevin; Bianchi, Gabriel; Birashk, Behrooz; Bleske, April; Boholst, Fredrick; Boothroyd, Lynda; Borg Cunen, Mary; Borja, Teresa; Bos, Arjan; Brainerd, Edwin; Brase, Gary; Brites, José; Burakova-Lorgnier, M.; Byrd, Mark; Camilleri, J.A.; Camperio Ciani, Andrea; Caral, Leo; Carnelley, Katherine; Carvalho, Marina; ... view all 189 authors
  • Publisher: Faculty of Arts and Sciences in Rijeka

Previous studies have documented links between sub-clinical narcissism and the active pursuit of short-term mating strategies (e.g., unrestricted sociosexuality, marital infidelity, mate poaching). Nearly all of these investigations have relied solely on samples from We... View more
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