Subthreshold characteristics of pentacene field-effect transistors influenced by grain boundaries.

Article OPEN
Park, J. ; Jeong, Y-S. ; Park, K-S. ; Do, L-M. ; Bae, J-H. ; Choi, J.S. ; Pearson, C. ; Petty, M.C. (2012)

Grain boundaries in polycrystalline pentacene films significantly affect the electrical characteristics of pentacene field-effect transistors (FETs). Upon reversal of the gate voltage sweep direction, pentacene FETs exhibited hysteretic behaviours in the subthreshold region, which was more pronounced for the FET having smaller pentacene grains. No shift in the flat-band voltage of the metal-insulator-semiconductor capacitor elucidates that the observed hysteresis was mainly caused by the influence of localized trap states existing at pentacene grain boundaries. From the results of continuous on/off switching operation of the pentacene FETs, hole depletion during the off period is found to be limited by pentacene grain boundaries. It is suggested that the polycrystalline nature of a pentacene film plays an important role on the dynamic characteristics of pentacene FETs.
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