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The basicity of unsaturated hydrocarbons as probed by hydrogen-bond- acceptor ability: Bifurcated N-H+⋯μ hydrogen bonding

Stoyanov, ES; Stoyanova, IV; Reed, CA;
Open Access English
  • Published: 08 Sep 2008
  • Publisher: eScholarship, University of California
  • Country: Mexico
The competitive substitution of the anion (A-) in contact ion pairs of the type [Oct3NH+]B(C6F5V by unsaturated hydrocarbons (L) in accordance with the equilibrium Oct 3NH+ ⋯A- + nL ⇄ [Oct 3NH+-Ln]A- has been studied in CCl4. On the basis of equilibrium constants, K, and shifts of vNH to low frequency, it has been established that complexed Oct3NH +-L., cations with n = 1 and 2 are formed and have unidentate and bifurcated N-H+⋯μ hydrogen bonds, respectively. Bifurcated hydrogen bonds to unsaturated hydrocarbons have not been observed previously. The unsaturated hydrocarbons studied include benzene and methylbenzenes, fused-ring aromatics, alkenes, conjugated di...
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