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Lamb wave propagation in monocrystalline silicon wafers

B. Masserey; Jean-Luc Robyr; Marco Pizzolato; Paul Fromme;
Open Access English
  • Published: 17 Oct 2018
Monocrystalline silicon wafers are widely used in the photovoltaic industry for solar panels with high conversion efficiency. Guided ultrasonic waves offer the potential to efficiently detect micro-cracks in the thin wafers. Previous studies of ultrasonic wave propagation in silicon focused on effects of material anisotropy on bulk ultrasonic waves, but the dependence of the wave propagation characteristics on the material anisotropy is not well understood for Lamb waves. The phase slowness and beam skewing of the two fundamental Lamb wave modes A0 and S0 were investigated. Experimental measurements using contact wedge transducer excitation and laser measurement...
free text keywords: Ingénierie, Acoustics and Ultrasonics, Arts and Humanities (miscellaneous), Monocrystalline silicon, Lamb waves, Ultrasonic sensor, Silicon, chemistry.chemical_element, chemistry, Anisotropy, Slowness, Beam (structure), Optics, business.industry, business, Guided wave testing, Materials science
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