VEGF promotes assembly of the p130Cas interactome to drive endothelial chemotactic signalling and angiogenesis

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Evans, I. M.; Kennedy, S. A.; Paliashvili, K.; Santra, T.; Yamaji, M.; Lovering, R. C.; Britton, G.; Frankel, P.; Kolch, W.; Zachary, I. C.;
  • Subject: Cardiovascular function or biology, Label-free quantification, Mass Spectrometry, Protein-Protein Interactions*, Signal Transduction*

p130Cas is a polyvalent adapter protein essential for cardiovascular development, and with a key role in cell movement. In order to identify the pathways by which p130Cas exerts its biological functions in endothelial cells we mapped the p130Cas interactome and its dyna... View more
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