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The role of cathepsin E in the antigen processing and presentation pathway.

Paul Free;
Open Access
  • Published: 01 Jan 2006
  • Country: United Kingdom
Although much has been unravelled with regards to the mechanisms of proteolysis of exogenously derived antigen for presentation via histocompatibility class-II (MHC-II), key questions remain unresolved. The exact role of each proteolytic enzyme in this process is not understood. The aspartic proteinase cathepsin E is hypothesised to play an important role. The aim of this study is to examine this by the use of novel aspartic proteinase inhibitors based upon the aspartic proteinase inhibitor pepstatin A. The first two inhibitors designed and synthesised included a mannose sugar molecule to improve solubility, a linker section and a single pepstatin molecule. The ...
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Thesis . 2006

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