Identification of Therapeutic Targets of Inflammatory Monocyte Recruitment to Modulate the Allogeneic Injury to Donor Cornea

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Lapp, T.; Zaher, S. S.; Haas, C. T.; Becker, D. L.; Thrasivoulou, C.; Chain, B. M.; Larkin, D. F. P.; Noursadeghi, M.;
  • Subject: Science & technology, life sciences & biomedicine, ophthalmology, corneal transplantation, ocular immunology, monocytes, chemotaxis, anti-cd4 monoclonal-antibody, controlled clinical-trial, blood-brain-barrier, allograft-rejection, endothelial-cells, rheumatoid-arthritis, gene-expression, aqueous-humor, double-blind, macrophages

Purpose: We sought to test the hypothesis that monocytes contribute to the immunopathogenesis of corneal allograft rejection and identify therapeutic targets to inhibit monocyte recruitment. Methods: Monocytes and proinflammatory mediators within anterior chamber sam... View more
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