Optimization of broadband semiconductor chirped mirrors with genetic algorithm

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Dems, M. ; Wnuk, P. ; Wasylczyk, P. ; Zinkiewicz, L. ; Wojcik-Jedlinska, A. ; Reginski, K. ; Hejduk, K. ; Jasik, A. (2016)
  • Publisher: SPRINGER
  • Journal: Applied Physics B (issn: 0946-2171)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1007/s00340-016-6540-7
  • Subject: Physics and Astronomy(all) | Physics and Astronomy (miscellaneous) | Science & Technology, Physical Sciences, Optics, Physics, Applied, Physics, MULTILAYER MIRRORS, FEMTOSECOND, DESIGN, OSCILLATOR, DISPERSION, PULSES, LASERS

Genetic algorithm was applied for optimization of dispersion properties in semiconductor Bragg reflectors for applications in femtosecond lasers. Broadband, large negative group-delay dispersion was achieved in the optimized design: The group-delay dispersion (GDD) as large as −3500 fs2 was theoretically obtained over a 10-nm bandwidth. The designed structure was manufactured and tested, providing GDD −3320 fs2 over a 7-nm bandwidth. The mirror performance was verified in semiconductor structures grown with molecular beam epitaxy. The mirror was tested in a passively mode-locked Yb:KYW laser.
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