United Kingdom's defence procurement: a period of smart enlightenment or halting culture

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O Callaghan, D. M.;
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The aim of this thesis is to map predominant cultures and examine their compatibility with the Smart Procurement Initiative. An initiative that was identified in the Strategic Defence Review to address the limitations of UK's defence procurement process that had p... View more
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    10. Military within Personnel Group, International Relations ~roup, Facilities Management Group, or Aspect Project Group

    11. Military within OPA Secretariat and Central Finance and Planning Group

    12. M ilitary within Private Finance Group, Commercial Services Group, Senior Commercial Group, Specialist Pr?~ureme~t ~ervices•.Future Business Group

    13. M IlItary within Executive Director Groups

    14. Other military Posts within Support Groups

    01. M ilitary within DCDS(EC) and his Personal Staff or within Capability Managers and Staff

    02. Military within Directors Equipment Capability and Staff ' .

    03. Military within DG (E) 's Staffor Director Capabilitv Resources and Scrutiny and Staff •

    04. M ilitary within Director Equipment Plan and Staff or Director Equipment Secretariat and Staff

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