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Sonic Hedgehog Is a Determinant of gamma delta T-Cell Differentiation in the Thymus

Mengrelis, K.; Lau, C-I; Rowell, J.; Solanki, A.; Norris, S.; Ross, S.; Ono, M.; Outram, S.; Crompton, T.;
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  • Published: 19 Jul 2019
  • Country: United Kingdom
Here we investigate the function of Hedgehog (Hh) signaling in thymic γδ T-cell maturation and subset differentiation. Analysis of Hh mutants showed that Hh signaling promotes γδ T-cell development in the thymus and influences γδ T-cell effector subset distribution. Hh-mediated transcription in thymic γδ cells increased γδ T-cell number, and promoted their maturation and increased the γδNKT subset, whereas inhibition of Hh-mediated transcription reduced the thymic γδ T-cell population and increased expression of many genes that are normally down-regulated during γδ T-cell maturation. These changes were also evident in spleen, where increased Hh signaling increas...
free text keywords: Shh, γδ T-cell, thymus, γδNKT, Smoothened, Hedgehog
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WT| Thymus transplantation for the treatment of Complete DiGeorge syndrome.
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  • Project Code: 094255
  • Funding stream: Immune System in Health and Disease
RCUK| Hedgehog signalling in peripheral T cell differentiation and function
  • Funder: Research Council UK (RCUK)
  • Project Code: MR/P000843/1
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