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Measuring Concentration in Data with an Exogenous Order

Abedieh, Jasmin; Groll, Andreas; Eugster, Manuel J. A.;
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  • Published: 08 Feb 2013
  • Country: Germany
Concentration measures order the statistical units under observation according to their market share. However, there are situations where an order according to an exogenous variable is more appropriate or even required. The present article introduces a generalized definition of market concentration and defines a corresponding concentration measure. It is shown that this generalized concept of market concentration satisfies the common axioms of (classical) concentration measures. In an application example, the proposed approach is compared with classical concentration measures; the data are transfer spendings of German Bundesliga soccer teams, the ``obvious'' exo...
free text keywords: Technische Reports, ddc:510, Market concentration, Concentration measure, Exogenous order, German Bundesliga, 510
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