Digital Signage

Doctoral thesis OPEN
Fischer, Karl Peter (2011)
  • Publisher: Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
  • Subject: Fakultät für Psychologie und Pädagogik
    • ddc: ddc:770 | ddc:700

Digital Signage for in-store advertising at gas stations/retail stores in Germany: A field study Digital Signage networks provide a novel means of advertising with the advantage of easily changeable and highly customizable animated content. Despite the potential and increasing use of these media empirical research is scarce. In a field study at 8 gas stations (with integrated convenience stores) we studied the effect of digital signage advertising on sales for different products and services over a 3-month test period compared with the equivalent months a year before as control period as well as the months directly before the test period. We were able to show increases in sales for a select range of products, and for product categories (i.e. hot beverages), interpretable as an halo effect. For car wash services not the actual number of cars washed increased but the number of high quality services chosen. These (more expensive) “upgrades” were advertised and consequently chosen more often. Car wash services were highly dependent on weather, time of year and day of week and hardly susceptible to advertising. However, the number of “high quality” car wash services increased. In summary, digital signage proves to be an effective advertising instrument with potential for 10-20 % sales increase, but only for select products and product categories.
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