Investigating a role for p63 in prostate stem cells, cancer and metastasis

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Di Giacomo, Valeria, 1983-;
  • Publisher: Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  • Subject: ΔNp63α | p53 | Càncer de pròstata | Prostate cancer | Ratolins deficients per a p63 | p63-Deficient mice | Cèl•lules mare de la pròstata | Prostate stem cells | Metastatic colonization to the bone | Colonització metàstica de l’os | Transcription factors | Factors de transcripció | p63 | 616.6

P63 is a transcription factor of the p53 family with key roles in embryonic development, stem cells and cancer. P63-deficient mice fail to form stratified and glandular epithelia, including the prostate, demonstrating a critical function for this protein in prostate dev... View more
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