Cellular mRNA decay factors involved in the hepatitis C virus life cycle

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Mina Ibarra, Leonardo Bruno;
  • Publisher: Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  • Subject: Replication | RNA virus | Vía de degradación de RNA | 57 | RNA decay pathway | Cáncer | Virus de la Hepatitis C | Host factors | Hepatitis C Virus | Factores celulares | Translation | Virus RNA | Traducción | HCV | Cancer | Replicación
    mesheuropmc: viruses

The group of positive strand RNA ((+)RNA) viruses includes numerous plant, animal and human pathogens such as the hepatitis C virus (HCV). Their viral genomes mimic cellular mRNAs, however, besides acting as messengers for translation of viral proteins, they also act as... View more
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