Production of Solar Fuels by Photoelectrochemical Conversion of Carbon Dioxide

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Irtem, Ibrahim Erdem;
  • Publisher: Universitat de Barcelona
  • Subject: Electroquímica | Carbon dioxide | Fotoelectroquímica | Photoelectrochemistry | Electroplating | Electrochemistry | Catálisis | Fotoelectroquímica (Química) | Ciències Experimentals i Matemàtiques | Catalysis | Dióxido de carbono | Galvanoplastia | Galvanoplàstia | Diòxid de carboni | Catàlisi | 62

[eng] Growing global emission of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) reflects the world’s energy dependence on fossil fuels. The conversion of CO2 emission into value-added products, like fuels completes a circular CO2 economy which requires a renewable energy conversion and st... View more
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