Advanced and natural interaction system for motion-impaired users

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Manresa Yee, Cristina Suemay (2009)
  • Publisher: Universitat de les Illes Balears
  • Subject: Accessibility | Usability | Vision-based interfaces | Human-computer interaction | Accessibilidad | Interfaces basadas en visión; Usabilidad | Interacción persona-ordenador | Accessibilitat | Usabilitat | Interfícies basades en visió | Interacció persona-ordinador | Ciències de la computació i intel·ligència artificial | 51

Human-computer interaction is an important area that searches for better and more comfortable systems to promote communication between humans and machines. Vision-based interfaces can offer a more natural and appealing way of communication. Moreover, it can help in the e-accessibility component of the e-inclusion. The aim is to develop a usable system, that is, the end-user must consider the use of this device effective, efficient and satisfactory. <br/>The research's main contribution is SINA, a hands-free interface based on computer vision techniques for motion impaired users. This interface does not require the user to use his upper body limbs, as only nose motion is considered. Besides the technical aspect, user's satisfaction when using an interface is a critical issue. The approach that we have adopted is to integrate usability evaluation at relevant points of the software development.
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