Aplicação comparativa de análise econômica e financeira de empresas de transformação de tomate na Itália

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Bonazzi, Giuseppe; Iotti, Mattia; (2015)
  • Publisher: Venezuela
  • Subject: Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y Sociales | Ratios de couverture d’intérêts | Universidad de Los Andes | Empresas de transformação do tomate | Revistas | Liquidité sur capitaux propres | Análise econômica e financeira | Flow on equity | Sector agroalimentario italiano | Ciencias Económicas y Sociales | Interest coverage ratios | Tomato processing firms | Economic and financial analysis | Des entreprises de transformation des tomates | Free cash flow to equity | Artículos [Agroalimentaria] | Analyse économique et financière | Centro de Investigaciones Agroalimentarias (CIAAL) | Flujo de caja libre para el accionista | Empresas de transformación del tomate | Secteur agroalimentaire | Proporção de cobertura de juros | Análisis económico y financiero | Proporción de cobertura de intereses | Agroalimentaria | Fluxo de caixa livre para o acionista | Setor agroalimentar italiano | Marge brute libre à des capitaux propres | Italian agro-food sector

The processed tomato is one of the major food products of Italy. It characterizes today many Italian regions in northern and southern Italy, even though the companies in the industry have had difficulties in recent years, due to an increase in the cost of raw mate... View more
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