Poly[3,4-ethylene dioxythiophene (EDOT) –co– 1,3,5-tri[2-(3,4-ethylene dioxythienyl)]-benzene (EPh)] copolymers (PEDOT-co-EPh): optical, electrochemical and mechanical properties

Other literature type English OPEN
Ouyang, Liangqi; Kuo, Chin-chen; Farrell, Brendan; Pathak, Sheevangi; Wei, Bin; Qu, Jing; Martin, David C.;

PEDOT-co-EPh copolymers with systematic variations in composition were prepared by electrochemical polymerization from mixed monomer solutions in acetonitrile. The EPh monomer is a trifunctional crosslinking agent with three EDOTs around a central benzene ring. With inc... View more
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