Chikungunya Virus Strains Show Lineage-Specific Variations in Virulence and Cross-Protective Ability in Murine and Nonhuman Primate Models

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Langsjoen, Rose M.; Haller, Sherry L.; Roy, Chad J.; Vinet-Oliphant, Heather; Bergren, Nicholas A.; Erasmus, Jesse H.; Livengood, Jill A.; Powell, Tim D.; Weaver, Scott C.; Rossi, Shannan L.;

ABSTRACT Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) is a reemerging arbovirus capable of causing explosive outbreaks of febrile illness, polyarthritis, and polyarthralgia, inflicting severe morbidity on affected populations. CHIKV can be genetically classified into 3 major lineages: Wes... View more