Synthesis and biological activity of human neuropeptide S analogues modified in position 5: identification of potent and pure neuropeptide S receptor antagonists

Other literature type English OPEN
Guerrini, Remo; Camarda, Valeria; Trapella, Claudio; Calo’, Girolamo; Rizzi, Anna; Ruzza, Chiara; Fiorini, Stella; Marzola, Erika; Reinscheid, Rainer K.; Regoli, Domenico; Salvadori, Severo;

Neuropeptide S (NPSa), the endogenous ligand of a previously orphan receptor now named NPSR, regulates various biological functions in the brain, including arousal, locomotion, anxiety, and food intake. Here we report on a focused structure-activity study of Gly5 which ... View more
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