Hepatitis C virus double‐stranded RNA is the predominant form in human liver and in interferon‐treated cells

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Klepper, Arielle; Eng, Francis J.; Doyle, Erin H.; El‐Shamy, Ahmed; Rahman, Adeeb H.; Fiel, M. Isabel; Avino, Gonzalo Carrasco; Lee, Moonju; Ye, Fei; Roayaie, Sasan; Bansal, Meena B.; MacDonald, Margaret R.; Schiano, Thomas D.; Branch, Andrea D.;

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is unique among RNA viruses in its ability to establish chronic infection in the majority of exposed adults. HCV persists in the liver despite interferon (IFN)‐stimulated gene (ISG) induction; robust induction actually predicts treatment failure ... View more