Winds measured by the Rover Environmental Monitoring Station (REMS) during the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) rover’s Bagnold Dunes Campaign and comparison with numerical modeling using MarsWRF

Other literature type English OPEN
Newman, Claire E.; Gómez-Elvira, Javier; Marin, Mercedes; Navarro, Sara; Torres, Josefina; Richardson, Mark I.; Battalio, J. Michael; Guzewich, Scott D.; Sullivan, Robert; de la Torre, Manuel; Vasavada, Ashwin R.; Bridges, Nathan T.;

A high density of REMS wind measurements were collected in three science investigations during MSL’s Bagnold Dunes Campaign, which took place over ~80 sols around southern winter solstice (Ls~90°) and constituted the first in situ analysis of the environmental condition... View more
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