Renal Allograft Survival in Nonhuman Primates Infused with Donor Antigen-Pulsed Autologous Regulatory Dendritic Cells

Other literature type English OPEN
Ezzelarab, M.B.; Raich-Regue, D.; Lu, L.; Zahorchak, A.F.; Perez-Gutierrez, A.; Humar, A.; Wijkstrom, M.; Minervini, M.; Wiseman, R.W.; Cooper, D.K.C.; Morelli, A.E.; Thomson, A.W.;

Systemic administration of autologous regulatory dendritic cells (DCreg; unpulsed or pulsed with donor antigen [Ag]), prolongs allograft survival and promotes transplant tolerance in rodents. Here, we demonstrate that nonhuman primate (NHP) monocyte-derived DCreg pre-lo... View more
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