Mild Jugular Compression Collar Ameliorated Changes in Brain Activation of Working Memory after One Soccer Season in Female High School Athletes

Other literature type English OPEN
Yuan, Weihong; Dudley, Jonathan; Barber Foss, Kim D.; Ellis, Jonathan D.; Thomas, Staci; Galloway, Ryan T.; DiCesare, Christopher A.; Leach, James L.; Adams, Janet; Maloney, Thomas; Gadd, Brooke; Smith, David; Epstein, Jeff N.; Grooms, Dustin R.; Logan, Kelsey; Howell, David R.; Altaye, Mekibib; Myer, Gregory D.;

Recent neuroimaging studies have suggested that repetitive subconcussive head impacts, even after only one sport season, may lead to pre- to post-season structural and functional alterations in male high school football athletes. However, data on female athletes are lim... View more
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