Mechanistic understanding of N-glycosylation in Ebola virus glycoprotein maturation and function

Other literature type English OPEN
Wang, Bin ; Wang, Yujie ; Frabutt, Dylan A. ; Zhang, Xihe ; Yao, Xiaoyu ; Hu, Dan ; Zhang, Zhuo ; Liu, Chaonan ; Zheng, Shimin ; Xiang, Shi-Hua ; Zheng, Yong-Hui (2017)

The Ebola virus (EBOV) trimeric envelope glycoprotein (GP) precursors are cleaved into the receptor-binding GP1 and the fusion-mediating GP2 subunits and incorporated into virions to initiate infection. GP1 and GP2 form heterodimers that have 15 or two N-glycosylation s... View more
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