Enhanced Vaccine-Induced CD8+ T Cell Responses to Malaria Antigen ME-TRAP by Fusion to MHC Class II Invariant Chain

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Spencer, Alexandra J.; Cottingham, Matthew G.; Jenks, Jennifer A.; Longley, Rhea J.; Capone, Stefania; Colloca, Stefano; Folgori, Antonella; Cortese, Riccardo; Nicosia, Alfredo; Bregu, Migena; Hill, Adrian V. S.;
  • Publisher: Public Library of Science
  • Journal: PLoS ONE,volume 9,issue 6 (eissn: 1932-6203)
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  • Related identifiers: pmc: PMC4063960, doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0100538
  • Subject: Cellular Types | Malarial Parasites | Research Article | Biology and Life Sciences | Vaccines | Blood Cells | Immune Cells | Animal Cells | Protozoans | Vaccination and Immunization | Recombinant Vaccines | Parasitic Protozoans | Cell Biology | White Blood Cells | T Cells | Organisms | Medicine and Health Sciences | Immunology | Plasmodium Malariae
    mesheuropmc: complex mixtures

The orthodox role of the invariant chain (CD74; Ii) is in antigen presentation to CD4+ T cells, but enhanced CD8+ T cells responses have been reported after vaccination with vectored viral vaccines encoding a fusion of Ii to the antigen of interest. In this study we ass... View more
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